Who Gets My Super

Who gets my super when I die? Did you ever ask yourself that question? The simple answer is that you can leave your super to whoever you want. But to work out the how there are 8 steps to go through.

20 | How Much Will Your SMSF Cost

The actual cost of your SMSF depends on what you do and how you do it. There are 15 different trigger points that might cost you money.
SMSFs need an ABN and TFN

19 | SMSFs need an ABN and TFN

SMSFs need an ABN and TFN. Their corporate trustees need an ACN. And their members as well as individual trustees need a TFN.  

18 | Collectables and Personal Use Assets

Super is all about gratification delay. Suffer now. Retire later. But collectables and personal use assets mean instant gratification and that is an issue.

17 | In-Specie Contributions

When your SMSF receives in-specie contributions, two things happen in one go. Your SMSF receives a contribution. And your SMSF acquires an asset.

Superannuation Investment Rules

The SIS Act's superannuation investment rules are to to keep your super safe - from you and your mates - until you retire.

Tax and Super If Labor Had Won

What does Labor have in store for us? Many proposed changes will affect most of us. Some only a few.
Cash Your Super Before You Die

Cash Your Super Before You Die

If your spouse is gone and your children are over 18 and financially independent, make sure your super is gone when you go.
Minimum Pension Payments

Minimum Pension Payments

If you don't make minimum pension payments, your SMSF loses its tax exempt status. So getting this right is important.
what happens to my super when i die

What Happens To My Super When I Die

It is an uncomfortable topic but you want to know. The good news is that your super can go to anybody you choose. If not directly from your super account, then via your estate.