US Citizens Living in Australia

Get All Your Tax Done In One Go

Form 1040
Form 1120
Individual Tax Return
Company Tax Return

Get It All Done in One Go


We are Australian CAs and tax agents and love to save you tax. There is nothing nicer than getting you more than you expected.

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We are IRS-registered and certified US American CPAs. We do your US tax in one go together with your Australian tax.

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2 in 1

Doing your Australian and US tax in one go saves you expensive double-ups. And we can optimise your full position across both countries.

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We take the stress out of tax.

What we do is simple. We take care of your Australian and US tax in one go, saving you a lot of time and money. We optimise your position across both countries. Our sole aim is to make sure you comply with all the rules and still save heaps of tax.


Don’t pay your Australian accountant full fees and then a US CPA premium rates for starting from scratch again. Have us take care of everything in one go.

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