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Late 1040 While in Australia

So you you got a late 1040 while in Australia? Late 1040 While in Australia You are not alone. Happens to many. And often it is not just the 1040, but the FBAR as well.  The bad news is that this can cost you a lot of money if you don’t act. Think US$10,000 per […]

IRS Amnesty Programs For US Citizens in Australia

IRS amnesty programs for US citizens in Australia because it is so easy to forget. You are having a great time in Australia – maybe you lived here most of your life or maybe you arrived a short while ago – either way it is easy to forget that your US tax obligations didn’t stop […]

IRS Streamlined Procedures

The IRS streamlined procedures allow you to come clean penalty-free. IRS Streamlined Procedures If you forgot to file FBARs and US tax returns for quite a while, the IRS Streamlined Procedures are for you. All you need to show is that your failure to file was not willful, meaning you didn’t do it with intention. […]