US Tax Living in Australia

Two Returns

As a US citizen living in Australia you are up for two tax returns – one back in the US and one in Australia.

Save Money

Don’t pay your Australian accountant the regular fee and then a US CPA premium rates to start from scratch. Do both taxes in one go and save heaps in fees.

Save Time

Doing everything in one go saves you time. You only have to explain things once, not twice.


Looking at both your returns allows us to strategise your tax position across both countries.

One Fee

You just pay once for both returns. Will cost you a lot less than paying for each return separately.

Basic Fee

Our basic fee for your US tax return starts at A$100. The same for your Australian return. You must agree that is pretty low. We can be this low by looking at your full tax position in one go.

IRS Amnesty 

The IRS has a generous amnesty program called IRS Streamlined Procedures. We just charge A$200 to apply. That’s all it takes to get you out of trouble. That plus filing your last three tax returns and last six FBARs.

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